Back on WordPress again…

Howdy, internet!

It’s been a long time since I bothered to maintain my own blog. With the rise of popular social networks, people just seemed to stop visiting personal web sites to learn about each other’s lives. Well I never really got as much value out of Facebook as they probably got out of my data, and I feel like personal web sites have become more relevant to the individual pursuit of self-aggrandizement, wealth and power on the internet. The WordPress engine continued its evolution into a powerhouse of content management capability, even landing my own employer as a user, which now hosts its public site in the WP cloud. Now it seems I will be paid to work on WordPress and so I had the very best reason to re-tool my own website with the platform.

So there’s an intro, just to get my motivations out in the open. If I don’t update or post much then don’t take it as a measure of the platform’s success. Rather consider that I don’t write much in general, unless you count code.